PDL Intraligamentary Anesthetic Syringe

PDLWholeSyringe.jpg PDL Intraligamentary Syringe
Since 1983 the standard of useability and quality in intraligamentary anesthesia. PDL stands for Perio-Dontal Ligament and is our trademarked name. It has been the most popular syringe on the market due to its durability and ease of use. It can be used while maintaining a fourth finger rest making it the ideal syringe for intraligamentary as well as inter-ossious injections.

Additionally, the leverhousing can be removed and attached with the barrel of the Fine-Cut Endo Cartridge Syringe for injecting cement into large root canals.


PDL Intraligamentary Needles Pkg of 100
Shorter needles are essential for good intriligamentary anesthesia. Our needles are approximately half an inch long and are 30 gauge making access to the intraligamentary space easier than using conventional inch long 30 gauge needles.--- Note: Since these are sold sterile, they are not returnable once sold.

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