Future Products On the Drawing Board

About every day or so, I come up with some idea that I think might help make dentistry a little easier or even a little more fun for the hard working dentist. Sometimes I make a prototype and it works but is greeted by a big yawn by the profession. Time to wake up.

Sometimes I make a prototype and it doesn't least not the way I thought it would.

This is the inventors page. I'll show some of the things I'm working on. You tell me whether you think they will work. I'm alway open to new ideas and new techniques.

For a new concept to work in dentistry it requires

  1. Technique
  2. Technology
  3. Training
  4. Trade

Who knows, your idea may be the next trend in dentistry.

Endo MTA Cartridge
On my drawing board are cartridges for the Fine Cut Endo cartridge syringe for the endodontist. Call or email us for the most up-to-date information.
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